The Red Dragon Inn 4


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Stand alone game you can mix with other editions of RDI

The Red Dragon Inn 4 introduces four new adventurers, the officers of the Crimson Drake. The Red Dragon Inn 4 also includes The Sea Event Dec, a new deck that gives you the option to play The Red Dragon Inn at sea! The Red Dragon Inn 4 may be played alone or combined with other versions of The Red Dragon Inn to allow games with more than 4 players!

Components: 4 40 card Character Decks (Captain Whitehawk, First mate Remy, Bryn the Boatswain, Tara the Navigator). 1 30 card Drink Deck, 1 20 card Sea Events Deck, 12 Remy’s Mark Tokens, 7 Sea Event Tokens, 50 Gold Coin Tokens, 4 player mats, 4 Alcohol Content Markers, 4 Fortitude Markers, Rules.