We currently offer these games on a subscription service


How can I manage my subscription?
Log in here -> Manage account
When will my subscription start?

The subscription begins immediately – however the cut off for new releases is 10 days before the release (because the process for taking money and organising shipping begins 10 days before the release date). So if you know there’s a release you want in 9 days time, you will need to order it from our website instead.

How does this work?

When you subscribe you enter your card details on our secure service, provided by ChargeBee. 10 days before each release you receive an email with the next item(s) you are due to receive and the price. Then, 7 days before release, we take the payment. You should receive your items on release day! Our prices include postage.

Once you sign up you don’t need to do anything. Just like a direct debit, a charge is made to your card every release until you cancel.

Can I get more than one copy?

When you subscribe you can set the quantity of your subscription – if you would like two (or more) of every release, indicate it when you provide your details.

Are the prices confirmed?

We keep the prices as low as possible, and comparable with large online retailers – typically 20% off RRP. Although prices may fluctuate over time, you will receive an email with the cost and an opportunity to ‘skip’ a release or cancel the subscription before any payment is taken.

What if the stock is in short supply and you don’t have enough?

Sometimes these games are allocated by the supplier if they’re in short supply. In very rare cases, this allocation is much higher than anticipated. We have three ways to mitigate for this.

1) Subscribers come first – you are the top priority.

2) We only allow subscriptions on a percentage of our usual orders, limiting the risk

3) We DO NOT take payment until our allocation is CONFIRMED. The usual online preorder system looks like this:
Customer pays > months pass > allocation happens > customer must apply for refund

Our system is:

Customer subscribes > month pass > allocation happens > customer is charged when stock is guaranteed (usually, 7 days before the release).

Do I control my subscription?

Yes. You can cancel at anytime from the ‘manage account’ section. Please note, your ChargeBee account and your gamersathart shop account are separate.

Is it safe and secure?

Yes. We have partnered with ChargeBee who hold your card details securely. This works similarly to saving card details with Apple Pay or on other websites, like Amazon, for quick purchasing.

How will you use my data?

We only use your data to fulfil your subscription. We only share it with couriers for the purpose of sending you your games. ChargeBee control the data for your payment, and have their own terms and conditions, however they are secure and fully GDPR compliant. We will send occasional updates via email for the purpose of informing you about upcoming releases.

Can I change my card details?

Yes – just click the ‘manage my account’ button.

What if my card is declined?

Depending on the reason, either you can add a new card through the ‘Manage Account’ section, or you can wait and we will automatically try to take the money again. After a week, if we have not been able to charge the card, this release will be ‘skipped’.

You’ve taken the money, but now I want to refund?

All of your usual consumer protections are still in place. After the money has been taken, it’s likely the game will already have been shipped – you can return the game to us for a full refund, if the game is in the condition we sent it. In this case, the buyer would pay the return postage.

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