Preorders and Restocks: Understanding our process

We’ve all been there.

An online shop claims to have stock, but it isn’t actually on the shelf. Of course, this is really easy to happen – especially when there’s a physical shop attached (perhaps less forgivable if everything is in one warehouse).

But we aim to be very clear – as much as our website allows – about the status of our stock.

We currently use 3 categories of ‘in stock but not actually on our shelf’ so you can be confident about what’s ready to go, and where you may have a wait:

We’re expecting stock, but we don’t exactly know when…The title of the product will say ‘preorder’ or ‘restock’. The button will say ‘preorder now’ (even if it’s really just a restock of an old game). You input all your details as normal, but YOU ARE NOT CHARGED until the game is confirmed – usually about a week before you’ll receive it.
We know, within a small margin of error, when stock is due. For example, we’re just waiting for our suppliers to ship a restock or a game has a confirmed release dateThe title of the product will say ‘preorder’ or ‘restock’. The first line of the description will have an ‘expected’ date. The game will be shipped to receive it on that date, or very close to it.
The game is not on our shelf, but it is confirmed and on its way to us.‘Preorder’ or ‘restock’ will be in the title, but payment will be taken straight away. This means you can order other items at the same time, and they’ll ship together.

Many companies would count this as ‘in stock’, however we’re aware that occasionally our deliveries can be delayed by the courier, or there may be some other kind of error that means the risk to you is slightly higher than if it was currently sat on our shelf.

Please note: sometimes things do happen beyond our control.


We have a preordering system in which you present your card details to our payment gateway, however you are not charged until the game is in stock – this is usually about a week before the release day.

Here’s some things to note:

  1. You can only checkout one preorder at a time, and NO ‘in stock’ items. If you have been charged shipping, and we are able to combine different orders into 1, you will be refunded.
  2. You will check out as normal.
  3. You will not be charged until around 7 days before you receive the game/item.
  4. Games can often come in earlier or later than expected. The release date is an estimate. You will receive a notification when your card is charged, which will include an estimated delivery date.
  5. If the card is declined for any reason, you will receive an email asking you to provide new details. Please note – for high-demand items we may only be able to hold your order for a week if payment is not successful.
  6. You can cancel your order at any time – but please note, the gap between taking payment and shipping is usually very short. It is highly likely that after taking payment, you would need to wait for the product to be received by you, then follow our returns procedure.