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Upcoming preorders!

February 1, 2024

We're right and the forefront of customer-centred preorder systems - here's what's coming up!

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Reverse Auction – Up to 75% off Lorcana, Pokemon, Board Games and more!

January 1, 2024

Get up to 75% off some amazing games - but how long do you dare leave it?

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People’s Meeples Open Day

September 11, 2023

People's Meeples is having an open day for anyone interested in our work, followed by a second day dedicated to home ...


WANTED: El Escorpión – An Adventure for D&D 5e

September 5, 2023

Lead an adventure on the high seas, with this RPG in commemoration of the Tall Ships Race


Is my card worth a lot of money?

August 17, 2023

With the launch of Disney Lorcana, with lots of new people getting into the world of trading card games, we thought i...


Why Shop With Us?

July 7, 2023

Here's the top 5 reasons you should shop with us!

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