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The Cloud Maker and the crow always cook up the most unbelievable weather together! But when the cloud maker is gone, the crow needs to do everything alone, unless the players are willing to help! With a little luck from the die and a good memory while looking for ingredient tiles, they can find all the ingredients for the three recipe cards and win the game before the Cloud Maker comes home.
(German box, with English instructions)
?1 game board (made with 6 puzzle boards), 1 cloud maker, 1 crow, 1 die, 21 recipe cards, 24 ingredient tiles (3 with weather forecasting frogs), 1 rulebook.
? Put together the game board, place ingredients tiles face-down in the rooms, and place three recipe cards with the cauldron side up. Place the crow on the chimney space and the Cloud Maker on the chef?s hat space.
? Take turns in a clockwise direction. Roll the die.
? If the die shows a chef?s hat, move the Cloud Maker one step toward the front door.
If the die shows a crow or crow footprint, move the crow accordingly and turn over an ingredient tile in the room.
? If the ingredient tile is needed, place it on the appropriate recipe card. If the ingredient tile is not needed, turn it back over again.
? All players win together if the recipe cards are filled before the Cloud Maker reaches the front door.