DCeased: Gotham Knights

Due 6/1/2025


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1-6 players


Gotham City has always been besieged by crime and violence. From daring criminals to the Court of Owls secret society ruling from the shadows, danger has ever lurked behind every corner. The Bat-family alone has stood against them, fighting to bring safety and justice to its citizens. But in its darkest hour, Batman and many of the Gotham Knights have fallen prey to the Anti-Life virus, joining in the carnage with the rest of the hordes. It’s up to the few surviving heroes to keep the beacon of hope lit on Gotham City’s night skies.

Gotham Knights is an expansion that brings the battle against the Anti-Life to the mean streets of Gotham City, up to the Wayne Manor, and all the way down to the Batcave. Batman, his allies and his enemies have been scattered between both sides of this deadly conflict. Not even an arsenal of Bat-gadgets might be enough to succeed in your missions, with a horde of unliving Talons hunting you from the shadows!


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