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The Maggotkin of Nurgle shamble from foetid wastes with drones and gurgles, blessed with their patron’s unholy bloat. Wherever they go, diseases spread uncontrollably, and entire nations are infected with Nurgle’s generous gifts.

This set of cards sets you up with your Maggotkin of Nurgle unit profiles and abilities, army rules, and Spearhead rules in a handy format for easy reference. Just grab the cards you need, and get spreading the blessings of Nurgle across the Mortal Realms.

This set of 34 cards includes:
– 1x Maggotkin of Nurgle Faction Background Card
– 3x Army Rules Cards
– 24x Warscroll Cards
– 6x Spearhead Cards

All cards are 161.5mm x 107mm.


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