HeroQuest Bundle (3 expansions)


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The base game, plus two expansions, AND the rare ‘Commander of the Guardian Knights’ expansion


One player becomes the game master and draws their players into the fantasy realms of HeroQuest! Lead your party through perilous dungeons and complete heroic quests. With plenty of miniatures and expansion packs available, HeroQuest is sure to provide an exciting and immersive dungeon-crawling experience!

Commander of the Guardian Knights

The Commander of the Guardian Knights has been summoned to join the heroes in the fight against Zargon’s evil forces! The Guardian Knights are the King’s finest warriors and personal guard, devoted to protecting the realm at all cost.

Return of the Witch Lord

Deep beneath the Black Mountains, the Witch Lord rekindles the embers of his malevolent ambitions. You must journey across the Plains of Death and seek out the Witch Lord. Only by defeating him in personal combat can you save the Empire from the ravages of his accursed legions.

Kellar’s Keep

The Emperor is trapped in Kellar’s Keep, an underground vault deep within an ancient fortress. Heroes – you must navigate long-lost passages to reach the Emperor, before Zargon and his evil forces do!

Expansion for HeroQuest – original game is required to play