HeroQuest: Prophecy of Telor Quest Pack


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30-120 minutes

age suitability


player count

2-5 players

Mysterious arcane forces are interfering with Mentor’s magic. In this action-packed HeroQuest Prophecy of Telor expansion, return to the rich story of the HeroQuest board game. Traverse through 13 quests to reveal the secrets surrounding the Talisman of Lore and the prophecy of Telor! Though the wizard Melar vanished long ago, it is known that he had been experimenting with vile Dread magic—alas, in his disappearance, all that could be found was the Talisman of Lore. Playing as one of HeroQuest’s brave heroes, you must enter the maze of Melar and put an end to whatever foul machinations are at play! Immerse yourself in the fantasy with 15 detailed miniatures, 14 beautifully illustrated game cards and quest book, and 6 dice. (Requires HeroQuest Game System to play. Sold separately.) This game has limitless replayability; build your own quests and stories. Gather friends together for an epic battle of good and evil.



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