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From the Gamefound compaign:

KeyForge: Mass Mutation was the most popular and hardest to find KeyForge set of the past. KeyForge: MORE Mutation is an ultra-rare set that pulls from the KeyForge: Mass Mutation card pool and includes new legacy cards from KeyForge sets published after KeyForge: Mass Mutation.
But there’s more!
KeyForge: MORE Mutation will include additional Gigantic creatures. Specifically Logos, Saurian, and Untamed will each receive a new Gigantic creature, while Sanctum, Dis, Star Alliance, and Shadows will each receive two new Gigantic creatures. This means each House in KeyForge: MORE Mutation will have two Gigantics in their arsenal. Additional new cards that bolster Gigantics have also been added.
This extremely limited set will be a brick-and-mortar retail exclusive, available only to eligible Home Base retailers.
Each KeyForge Home Base Bonus will contain copies of KeyForge: MORE Mutation. In additionHome Base retailers will have the option to purchase (at wholesale) a limited amount of additional displays, to be shipped with their Pledge Reward Packages.
When we say that KeyForge: MORE Mutation is exclusive to Home Base retailers, we mean it! Ghost Galaxy, ourselves, will not offer this set for sale online or at shows, although it may be offered to Home Base retailers in future campaigns.
We hope you enjoyed this “Home Base” news. Be sure to tell your local retailer to get involved with the KeyForge: Æmber Skies campaign!


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