Mistborn: Deckbuilding Game

Expected November 2024


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Based on the hit Mistborn novel series by Brandon Sanderson, the Mistborn Deckbuilding game takes players into the world of Scadrial! From designer John D Clair, players get to control iconic characters from the series and “burn” metals to unlock Allomantic powers in fast-paced battles.

Mistborn is a standalone deck-building game in which you “purchase” cards as you play to build and improve your deck. “Burn” metals to activate cards. Each metal has its own strengths: damaging opponents, earning mission points, and manipulating allies.

There are multiple ways to win! Defeat your opponnents in furious allomantic battles or complete a series of perilous missions before your enemies do.

Play head-to-head against your friends, or take on the The Lord Ruler in solo or co-op play!


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