Nemesis: Aftermath Expansion


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45-60 minutes

age suitability


player count

1-5 players

The main mode of Nemesis: Aftermath is the Epilogue Mode, a short (45-60 min.) 5-turn game, which is played after a regular game. At the start of this Epilogue, an unspecified amount of time has passed since the events that occurred in the Nemesis base game. The players use Characters (who haven’t taken part in the base game) who enter the Nemesis to investigate. The ship bears many scars of its past tribulations, so any leftovers from your previous game will have effects on your Epilogue game.

An Epilogue game is much shorter than a regular Nemesis game, but it is more difficult and offers a very dynamic playthrough. Instead of Objectives, players have to deal with seemingly simple Personal Requirements, while trying to cooperate in order to cope with various Alerts. In addition, players pursuing more selfish interests might accept the Lucrative Offer. The players also use the additional Shuttle board, which represents a new small ship (docked to the Nemesis) consisting of additional 4 Room slots. The Nemesis: Aftermath expansion also adds 4 new Rooms “2”.

You can play the Epilogue game with fewer players than the number that actually participated in the regular game.


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