Vampire: The Masquerade Rivals Expandable Card Game – Werewolf: Fang & Talon

Due Aug 2024


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There is a monster who prowls this world that even vampires fear, and to whom Hunters give a wide berth when the moon is waxing to its fullest power. Garou. Werewolf. This new expansion introduces two tribes from this dangerous society: the Silver Fangs, who strive to lead a new generation of kin in pushing back against the fate of an inevitable Apocalypse; and the Red Talons, a blunt and angry instrument of Gaia who seek to slow the tide of human “progress” by any means necessary.


2 pre-constructed Werewolf player decks: Silver Fangs & Red Talons!
Play the tribes head-to-head or against Vampire and Hunter decks from previous sets!
Includes Den Pack to customise your decks!


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