HABA Pu-Pu Pitstop


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3, 2, 1 ? pedal to the metal! But beware, only the teams who are fast at the pitstops are contenders for the championship. During the race, players have to pit regularly and put down their pitstop tiles. The dice decide how long each pitstop lasts. The first driver to complete all the pitstops wins the race.
(English Language game in a German box)
?1 game board, 4 cars, 36 pitstop tiles (9 each in blue, red, green and yellow), 2 color dice, 1 rulebook.
1. Place the game board in the middle of the table. Each player picks a different color. They take the matching pit stop tiles and place their cars on the starting grid.
2. Play goes in a clockwise direction.
3. Roll both dice. The result of the roll applies to all players, If one of the dice shows the color of a player, they put a matching pit stop tile in their own pit stop box.
4. When all three matching tiles are in in the pit stop box, the car advances to the next pit stop.
5. The player whose car crosses the finish line first wins.

Ages 3+
2-4 Players


Haba 305260